Step one: Install the Processor, Processor Heatsink, and RAM in the motherboard.  Apply heat paste between the processor and heat sink. 

Step two: Insert the motherboard inside the computer case.  Carefully insert the screws on the motherboard.  Connect front panel USB, sound, and power buttons.

Step three: Install any hard drives, SSDs, and optical drives you may have

Step four: Install the graphics card(s) and/or WiFi card (if applicable) in the PCI express slot on the motherboard.  Screw to the Computer case.

Step five: Install the Power supply and use the connectors to plug in the motherboard, Drives, Graphics card, and any case fans you may have in the computer. 

Step six: Connect the SATA cables from the drives to the motherboard.  If any case fans connect to the motherboard instead of the power supply you may connect them at this time.

The pictures below are in order of building a computer


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